Artiste Profiles


Elaine Coates – Musical Director 

Working with the great members of Women in Harmony is a constant delight to Elaine.  Having the opportunity to bring together such diversity of music, language and cultural experience is like giving a child free-run in a lolly shop.

She must be a naturally bossy type, because she conducts four very different choirs in Toowoomba, is a qualified singing teacher and directs or acts in plays and musicals as well.   

Her lifelong interest in language and folk music around the world finds wonderful outlet in the songs we sing. Members are encouraged to bring along songs from their culture to become part of the choir’s repertoire, so we have a fabulous range of songs to sing.  Having so many native speakers of the songs’ languages makes learning the words so much easier.

Elaine firmly believes that singing is for enjoyment and is for everyone, but also that singing together is the very best experience there is.



Cheryl Brown  is a multi-talented actress, singer and a versatile instrumentalist.  Cheryl plays the guitar, drums, and a variety of small percussion instruments for the choir.  Cheryl sings alto and has been a member of the choir since its inception in 2006. 

Cheryl Brown – Membership Liaison 


Elizabeth Gordon – Past Accompanist (but still comes and plays with us from time to time)



Elizabeth has Hungarian ancestry.  She has lived in Australia and Hungary.  For the past ten years she has worked in primary and high schools in Australia as a classroom music teacher.  Presently she also teaches piano and accompanies various school and community choirs.  She is passionate about her work.



Lorelle Conway plays African drum for the choir, and is also a member of  Dudu Zulu - a community African Drumming group based in Toowoomba. Laurel



Carolyn Ballinger was the choir's first accompanist and also sang with the altos. She was with the choir for a year before going overseas.