Women in Harmony Choir

Changed Temporary Venue to 11 September, 2021 - St Stephens Church Hall, Union St (near Empire Theatre)

Return to previous temporary venue from 18 September, 2021 -  Choral Hall, corner of Bridge and Raff St, Toowoomba

Time - 2-4pm Saturdays.  Bring your own drink and snack for afternoon tea possible.

Of course, due to Covid restrictions please stay away if you are unwell, have been in a hotspot or had contact with covid in the previous 14 days.  If you are attending, signing in with QR code is essential when you arrive.


Women in Harmony at Curious Arts Festival, 2022.


What do “waulkin’ the tweed”, conga line Macedonian dancing and singing in nearly 20 languages have in common?

They were all part of Women in Harmony’s performances at Toowoomba’s Curious Arts Festival 2022.  Along with audience participation and evoking such strong emotions that some were in tears.

Then, to cap it off, a joyous group interview with Garden of Curiosity curators where an hour flew by as we relived experiences of the last 15 years and even burst into spontaneous song.

You don’t get that in a regular choir!

For those who are intrigued about “waulkin’ the tweed”, here is a picture of us practising.  We’ll leave you to Google this fascinating ancient Scottish craft which even featured in “Outlander”.


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